Engineering is linked with “left brain” thinking and design with “right brain” thinking. However, the best solution to any problem comes from combining both forms of thinking. A designer who is adept in development can create more thorough, representative designs for that system. Similarly, a developer with a design background will be able to create a more intuitive and visually appealing system.

My work suffers no compromise. Having a deep understanding of both form and function and being the person that can design and implement the software offers the unmatched advantage of being able to create exactly what is intended, thereby eliminating the communication barrier that exists between designers and developers. This prevents information from being misinterpreted and results in highly polished works.

Selected Work

Web App: File Manager

File Manager App

Design + Development

Web App: Recruiting App

Recruiting App

Design + Development

Web: AmEx Landing Page

AmEx Landing Page

Front-End Development

Web: AmEx Landing Page

AmEx Landing Page

Front-End Development

Web: AmEx Microsite

AmEx Microsite

Front-End Development

Web: App Concept

Web App Concept

UI/UX Design

Web: Shelley Goldberg

Shelley Goldberg

Site + Custom CMS Development

Web: Levinson Tractenberg

Levinson Tractenberg

Site Development

Web: Keggy


Site Design + Development

Web: Helen Wang

Helen Wang

Site Design + Development

Web: Peter Han

Peter Han

Site Design + Development

Web: Grand Large

Grand Large

Site Design + Custom CMS Development